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The Barefoot Parenting Blueprint (The Happiest Baby On The Block) is designed to educate, help and support new families on the most important aspects of your child’s life, empowering you to improve their health, sleep, and behaviour as well as create connections that can last a lifetime.

The Happiest Baby On The Block has been created by a Dr Suzy McCleary, a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and former paediatric nurse over the past 2 years. It is here that Suzy has taken, over 20 years of clinical knowledge, study and personal experience into the program that has not only benefited her family but is helping so many other families raise happy healthy children in a calm, supportive and connected environment. She will show you how she went from overwhelm and exhaustion to having more quality time enjoying playing and hanging out with her happy healthy children and family.

If you are feeling frustrated and questioning if you are doing all you can to support your child so that they can reach their full potential, you are not alone. We are here to give you the skills and knowledge to make a change today and get back to the joy parenting should be. It is what you can do today that can make your life so much easier in the future.


We are committed to improving the life, health and wellbeing of infants and young children through natural therapies, acupressure &  massage and proper nutrition.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The information given through The Barefoot Parenting Program, is unique and priceless. I was able to adapt things I was already doing as a parent, and also, include some of the new helpful tips into my daughter, Millie's, life with great ease- they are not massive changes that need to take place which makes it a lot easier to actually follow them! Through the guidance of the program, I was able to confidently assist Millie in reaching different milestones and developmental stages, making for a happy baby, and therefore, happy parents!”

First time mum

“The advice and support given, first through my long fertility journey, then through pregnancy and now as my little one grows, has been invaluable. Every step of the way I have felt that the guidance and techniques given have been just what I need to gain in confidence and I look forward to carrying on this journey as a family. thank you!”

New Mother

“As a mum and a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, these simple techniques worked miracles for my children and my clients love how easy they are to learn and implement effectively in their own homes”

Doctor of Chinese Medicine


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